Observations, defects and incidents

Increase your team’s efficiency, report fast and precisely

Spend less time on administrative tasks, speed up corrective and preventive actions

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Use Cases


Quick reporting of issues, observations, incidents or near misses


Tracking costs


Assigning internal an external tasks


Meeting preparation


Analysis of issue impact on the works and the project



less time spent on administrative tasks


faster site decisions


more of tasks completed on time

Use cases

Fully adapted to your QHSE processes.


Quality Control and Assurance


Environmental Control and Protection


Health & Safety Control

Key features

Thanks to these functions, your team will take care of the most important tasks and quickly take appropriate corrective actions.

Fast Reporting

Add photos, draw, take videos and use voice recognition. Thanks to standardized forms, describe any situation in under 30 seconds! Even without access to the internet.

Corrective and preventive action processes

Thanks to intuitive processes, your corrective and preventive actions will always be done on time. Processes and embedded datasets are fitted for the most optimal control and assurance of Quality, Health and Safety, and Environmental aspects of your project.

Effective communication

Comment, set tasks, and push notifications with just one tool! Simplify communication in your team by using just one solution, which lets you add comments to actions taken by your workers. Set tasks and remind them about the most important events that they should focus on.

Fast filters

Follow the progress of each subcontractor’s work! Thanks to the filtering option, you can sort all the issues by progress status, delays, and costs generated by defects, corrective and preventive actions.

Automatic reports

PDF reports generated from single issues let you archive the most important tasks and issues that appear at your site. Thanks to XLSX reports, you can create a list of multiple issues that you want to focus on with a wide range of filters that will allow you to highlight the most critical tasks.


Thanks to integrating information about parties on the project, contracts, and budgets, you will always see accurate information. Integration with our analytics module and custom integrations with your internal solutions enhances reporting and analysis of the project’s situation.  

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