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Regardless of the type of projects you manage, organizing work and ensuring construction management standards is a challenge. With Hustro, you can streamline collaboration with subcontractors and clients, and provide your team with a simple tool that saves time spent on communication and administration. You can effectively implement our application on your site within 24 hours!

Are you facing these challenges?

Are inspections being repeated due to difficulties in effectively fixing defects?

Is the information about the progress of work outdated or incomplete, and is working with the schedule complicated?

Do you lack quick and continuous access to current project documentation?

Communication with the team and subcontractors takes place through multiple channels that are difficult to control?

Are you losing time reminding about defect repairs and non-compliances?

Creating reports is cumbersome and requires a significant amount of effort?

Use cases

Conducting inspections

Streamlining the process from the first contact to the final verification of repairs. Instant reporting of defects, scheduling appointments, and monitoring the progress of work. Utilization of checklists or quick defect reporting.

Defect management

Instant reporting of all defects and precise communication between all involved parties. Regardless of the chosen method of communication with contractors, the application will assist in maintaining order in the conveyed information and adhering to established deadlines.

Project documentation management

Complete documentation stored in one place, without limitations. Thanks to proprietary tools, you can work seamlessly on documentation updates, organize tasks, and track the progress of work.

Managing service defect repairs

On one or multiple projects, you reliably monitor deadlines and easily convey and control repairs to avoid delays.

Health and Safety Management

Rapid reporting of potentially hazardous incidents, accidents, and observations. Assigning corrective actions or imposing penalties. Automatic analytics and reporting in accordance with ISO 45001 standards.

Environmental Management

Reports tailored to ISO 14001 requirements. Easy creation of checklists based on environmental or ESG quality standards. Intuitive analytics and quick reporting.

Process automation

Key Features

Mobility, simplicity and speed as well as clarity of data in well designed interconnected system.

Defect registration

Fast and precise defect registration takes less than 30 seconds, reducing defect resolution time. This not only saves time but also enhances overall efficiency and reliability of our processes.

Monitoring progress of work

Monitoring the progress of work on drawings allows for rapid updates of task-related information and their status, facilitating the planning of subsequent steps. This enables a comprehensive overview of the construction site with a single glance.

Summary reports for investors and subcontractors

Reports should be prepared quickly and clearly. Transparent communication with the internal and external stakeholders will have a positive impact on the relationship between the parties.

Quality, Health and Safety, and Environmental Management Support

All three processes in one application, significantly speeding up internal communication, incident detection, and the speed of their resolution. The construction site becomes safer for people and the environment.

Recommended Modules

Document Management

Updating and sharing documents has never been so easy. Just upload the files, and our system will take care of the rest automatically.

Inspections and Acceptances

Create simple checklists with industry documentation. Perform checks and acceptances from your phone, assigning tasks to be completed. Our system will quickly generate the necessary reports!

Defects and Non-conformities

Report a defect within seconds, marking its location on the current drawing, adding photos and videos. Assign the task to subcontractors and team members. Monitor deadlines and the status of repairs.

Task Management

Quickly create and assign tasks to team members and subcontractors. Track work remotely based on area, quantity, and deadlines. Collect documentation of completed work and generate reports within seconds.

HSE Incidents and Inspections

Reporting observations, potentially hazardous situations, or accidents can be done within seconds. With related documentation at your fingertips, you can conduct periodic inspections using checklists. You can send the report with just three clicks, and the analytics will be automatically filled in.

Environmental Incidents and Inspections

You can easily plan inspections based on environmental decisions or ESG quality standards. All reports will contain necessary information based on ISO 14001 standards, and recipients can easily take corrective actions thanks to precise and standardized information.


Time and Money Savings

Thanks to simple communication and management tools, you will save time on administrative tasks and gain a full understanding of the situation on the construction site. The Hustro team will also ensure the effective implementation of the system among both your team members and subcontractors.

Efficient Management

Structured information enables quick analysis of work efficiency, report preparation, or meeting organization. You can easily identify the project’s major risks and plan appropriate corrective or preventive actions.

Business Security

Hustro will allow you to easily ensure timeliness and proper communication with contractors and the team. In case of disputes, you can easily find all information arranged in an easy-to-analyze manner.

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