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Every new investment brings new challenges related to document management, defects, inspections, and service. With our specialized tools, you will optimize these processes throughout the entire project lifecycle, reclaiming valuable time and ensuring safety.

Are you facing these challenges?

Tenant defects are reported through various channels, and Excel spreadsheets are bursting at the seams?

It’s hard to control the defects reported on multiple investments?

Inspections have to be repeated because of difficulties in effective defect resolution?

Information about the progress of work is delayed or incomplete?

Contractors make mistakes due to a lack of access to current project documentation?

Contractors don’t repair defects on time?

Popular application

Conducting handovers with the general contractor

Effective collaboration with both the contractor and subcontractors, using ready-made templates.

Conducting tenant inspections

Streamlining the process from the first contact with tenants to the final verification of repairs. Instant defect reporting, setting deadlines, and monitoring the progress of work.

Managing defects during implementation

Instant reporting of all defects and precise communication between all involved parties. Regardless of the chosen method of communication with contractors, the application will assist in maintaining order in the conveyed information and adhering to established deadlines.

Project documentation management

Effective collaboration with both the contractor and subcontractors, using ready-made templates.

Process Automation

Key Features

These few features provide a practical solution to your problems, effectively automating work and enabling you and your team to achieve greater productivity.

Defect registration

Quick and precise defect registration takes less than 30 seconds, reducing the time it takes to rectify the defect. This not only saves time but also enhances overall efficiency and reliability of our processes.

Use of local cards

Working with local cards speeds up the management of handovers and defects. Working with local cards not only reduces the response time to defects and issues but also facilitates close coordination of the teams responsible for resolving them.

Conducting handovers with the general contractor

Preparing acceptance reports can be much simpler and faster. With the report generation feature, you can customize the report to your needs and audience with just a few clicks.

Defect report as an attachment to the handover protocol

Documentation after the tenant inspection should be prepared quickly and clearly. Transparent communication with the tenant will have a positive impact on the relationship between the parties.

Recommended modules

Inspections and Acceptances

Create simple checklists with industry documentation. Conduct inspections and acceptances from your phone, assigning tasks for completion. Our system will quickly generate the necessary reports!

Defects and Non-conformities

Report a defect within 30 seconds, marking its location on the current drawing, and adding photos and videos. Assign the task to subcontractors and team members.

Document management

Updating and sharing documents has never been so easy. Just upload the files, and our system will take care of the rest automatically.


Time and Money Savings

Your team will spend less time on information gathering or updating project documentation. During inspections alone, saving over 60% of time spent on administration and communication, allowing you to focus on priorities.

Efficient Management

Structured information allows for rapid work efficiency analysis, report preparation, or meeting organization. You can easily identify the project’s major risks and plan appropriate corrective or preventive actions.

Business Security

Hustro will help you easily ensure timeliness and proper communication with contractors and the team. In case of a dispute with the contracting company, you can easily find all information arranged in an easy-to-analyze manner.

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