App for Property Management Companies

Whether we’re talking about a single building or a complex of buildings, maintaining their good condition requires attention and regular repairs and maintenance. All of this can be managed in one application.

Are you facing these challenges?

Reporting defects in ERP or filling out forms on OneDrive takes too much time?

Servicing equipment requires more and more time and documentation?

Assigning repairs requires additional email communication?

Instructions for equipment and installation documentation need to be searched for?

It’s difficult to determine what and when will be repaired?

Popular application

Reporting defects by every user of the facility

Reporting defects by every user of the facility is a process that allows anyone using a particular facility or property to report any issues, malfunctions, or deficiencies. With the application, both residents, employees, and other facility users have the ability to report any issues, enabling a quick response to potential breakdowns, defect removal, and preventive measures.

Assignment and monitoring of repairs

Assigning and monitoring of repairs becomes much more efficient with a detailed list of reported defects. This allows for effective management of repair priorities and smooth communication with those responsible for repairs, such as installers or maintenance personnel

Recording and servicing of equipment and installations

Regular, timely servicing of equipment and installations is essential for maintaining their proper operation. Accurate monitoring of the technical condition and service history allows for effective prevention of breakdowns and proper facility operation. Thanks to these practices, facility managers can ensure the safety, efficiency, and comfort of users and extend the lifespan of equipment and installations, resulting in operational efficiency and savings.

Process Automation

Recommended modules

Inspections and Acceptances

Create simple checklists with industry documentation. Conduct inspections and acceptances from your phone, assigning tasks for completion. Our system will quickly generate the necessary reports!

Defects and Non-conformities

Report a defect within 30 seconds, marking its location on the current drawing, and adding photos and videos. Assign the task to subcontractors and team members.

Document management

Updating and sharing documents has never been so easy. Just upload the files, and our system will take care of the rest automatically.

Types of Facilities


  • Large-Scale Warehouses
  • Factories


  • Office Buildings
  • Co-working Spaces


  • Shopping Passages and Galleries
  • Retail Showrooms
  • Store Chain
  • Large Retail Stores
  • Hotels


Time and Money Savings

Your team will spend less time on information gathering or updating project documentation. During inspections alone, saving over 60% of time spent on administration and communication, allowing you to focus on priorities.

Efficient Management

Structured information allows for rapid work efficiency analysis, report preparation, or meeting organization. You can easily identify the project’s major risks and plan appropriate corrective or preventive actions.

Business Security

Hustro will help you easily ensure timeliness and proper communication with contractors and the team. In case of a dispute with the contracting company, you can easily find all information arranged in an easy-to-analyze manner.

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App for Investors and Developers

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App for Investment Supervision

App for Installation and Engineering Companies

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Observations, defects and incidents

Inspections, reviews and walkthroughs

Analytics and Reporting

Task Management

Document Management

Health & Safety Management


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