Application for the Service Department

Every investment or facility eventually undergoes service by the service department. The way of handling defect or service reports significantly affects not only the efficiency of the service department but also the experiences of facility administrators and users. Please check how to optimize the organization of the service department’s work

Do you face these challenges?

Do you find out about problems definitely too late?

Do employees find it difficult to efficiently manage multiple investments?

Are you exposed to financial penalties due to delayed reaction to defects?

Does the work of technicians give the impression of being chaotic?

Common use

Registry of all reports from multiple investments/objects

By maintaining a single central registry, it is possible to efficiently monitor all reports at various levels, resulting in better control and a quicker response to emerging issues. Such a registry collects information about the type of report, its priority, response deadline, and repair status. This facilitates both local and global management of priorities and resource allocation.

Technician work planning

Scheduling technicians’ tasks aims at optimal resource utilization, minimizing downtime, and ensuring a prompt response to service requests.

Registry of devices, installations, and inspections

Thanks to device registration, we can effectively monitor their condition, conduct regular inspections, and perform necessary repairs, which positively impacts maintaining high standards of safety and efficiency. Updating this registry serves as a solid foundation for maintenance and facilitates the planning and optimization of service activities

Key functions

These few functions provide a practical solution to your problems, effectively automating work and enabling you and your team to achieve greater productivity.

List of reports

Reports from various investments/objects on one list. This allows for efficient management of statuses and assigning repairs. The command center of the Service Department.

Task planning

During the planning of technicians’ work, various factors are taken into account, such as the priority of reports, location, and the nature of the defect.

Registry of devices and installations

Automatic reports based on the list of defects, serving as a work status report for the investor or as a report for the subcontractor from the inspection or acceptance. Significant time savings for each party.

Communication within the report

The effectiveness of repair or service activities largely depends on efficient and precise communication of information. For this purpose, the internal communication function is helpful.

Recommended Modules

Task Management

Quickly create and assign tasks to team members and subcontractors. Track work remotely based on area, quantity, and deadlines. Collect documentation of completed work and generate reports within seconds.

Inspections and Acceptances

Create simple checklists with industry documentation. Perform checks and acceptances from your phone, assigning tasks to be completed. Our system will quickly generate the necessary reports!

Defects and Non-conformities

Report a defect within seconds, marking its location on the current drawing, adding photos and videos. Assign the task to subcontractors and team members. Monitor deadlines and the status of repairs.


Time and Money Savings

Thanks to simple communication and management tools, you will save time on administrative tasks and gain a full understanding of the situation on the construction site. The Hustro team will also ensure the effective implementation of the system among both your team members and subcontractors.

Efficient Management

Structured information enables quick analysis of work efficiency, report preparation, or meeting organization. You can easily identify the project’s major risks and plan appropriate corrective or preventive actions.

Business Security

Hustro will allow you to easily ensure timeliness and proper communication with contractors and the team. In case of disputes, you can easily find all information arranged in an easy-to-analyze manner.

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