Data-Driven Construction Control

Hustro is a software system that leads users in controlling even the most complex construction projects.

What Hustro does for you?


Simplifies and speeds up the inspection proces thanks to intuitive mobile and web tools


Provides unified issue resolution, corrective action and approval processes


Automates report and document generation


Analyzes and visualises information to simplify negotiations or disputes and to prevent issues to happen in the future


25% more effective inspections

  • Fast issue creation – under 45 seconds!
  • No need for internet connection
  • Automated categorization of issues
  • Application is available to all on-site professionals

75% less time spent on inspections and issue management

  • Simplified cooperation between site and office
  • Task management
  • Automated process workflows
  • Fully automated issue resolution process

Enhanced decision making

  • Built in data standardization
  • Integration with WBS and construction documentation
  • Integration with Quality, Health and Safety and Environmental Plans
  • Subcontractor Analysis
  • Issue prevention Analysis and feedback

Secured claims and reduced litigation costs

  • Full issue history
  • Connecting issues with agreements and construction documentation
  • Automated document and report generation

What users say about us

Hustro streamlined our Health and Safety process and enabled us to respond faster to construction site issues. Hustro made our internal communication easier and helped with financial aspects of the issues.

Olga Zielant


The Hustro Field implementation helped us to significantly reduce the time spent on documentation and case management. Hustro Field is easy to use and provides excellent data to help us improve the quality of the product delivered.

Wojciech Śleszyński



Fast and comprehensive inspections

  • Fast issue creation (under 45 seconds)
  • Simplified communication with the team members
  • Assigning tasks
  • No internet needed

User Centric Design

  • Customized data display
  • Advanced filters
  • Personalized notifications

Automated Process Workflows

  • Simple approval process
  • Corrective action creation and analysis
  • Notifications to relevant stakeholders 
  • Automated documentation for back charging process

Best data on the market

  • Standardized information
  • Connection to project WBS
  • Advanced data analysis
  • Enhanced decision making

We learn from the best

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Impact of quality non-conformities on project results

Hustro Sp. z o.o. implements a project co-financed from European Funds under the Intelligent Development Operational Program, Sub-measure 1.3.1. Support for research and development projects in the preseed phase by proof of concept funds – BRIdge Alfa.

The aim of the project is to develop and commercialize a system supporting supervision at the construction site. It will enable engineers, builders, administrators and lawyers to cooperate more effectively by exchanging documents, photos and comments within one platform.

The project value is PLN 1,100,000, co-financing value: PLN 880,000.

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