Property handover – how to conduct it more efficiently?

Leaky windows, wall deformations, scratches on sills, plaster cracks…

These are just a few of the many defects reported by customers during handovers, the most intense stage of construction project implementation. General contractors are bombarded with reports, tasks, and defects that must be corrected for the property handover to take place.

What’s the problem?

The main goal of the general contractor is to meet the expectations of one entity: the investor. However, this simple and relatively uncomplicated arrangement doesn’t last forever. During the finishing stage of the properties, the developer’s requirements are expanded by the expectations of individual customers who have purchased specific units. Their demands can be significantly higher, which is perfectly understandable since they have invested a substantial amount of money in their apartments.

Many customers choose to hire specialists who can identify even the smallest deviations from the norm. According to data from one of the largest developers, only 20% of new apartments in Poland are accepted without remarks. Therefore, in an investment consisting of 100 apartments, as many as 80 apartments will be inspected at least twice, resulting in at least an additional 120 to 240 hours of inspections alone and hundreds of recorded corrections to be made.

The property handover is completed with a handover protocol, a document confirming the condition of the handed-over property along with all customer comments and attachments in the form of photos. The engineer conducting the handover must record all comments, attach photos to the form, print it out, and then hand it over to the customer. This takes at least 30 minutes to prepare one document, and besides, the comments must be passed on to subcontractors who will repair the reported defects. This also requires the appropriate form with photographic documentation and a description of the work that needs to be done. We easily reach an hour from entering the construction office to assigning one task to a subcontractor.

How to streamline the handover process?

The answer to this question is a phone and an intuitive application that allows for the efficient completion of the handover protocol and automatic delegation of tasks to subcontractors as soon as defects are registered. The engineer conducting the handover no longer has to print the property card and handover form because it is accessible on their phone. All apartment cards and the handover list prepared in advance as a template are ready to use at any time. Any discrepancies or deviations from the norm are recorded on the drawings, and subcontractors responsible for fixing them are notified immediately.

After completing the handover, the handover protocol is ready to be printed with all attachments with just two clicks. Thanks to the digitization of the handover process, the construction staff can efficiently manage the handover processes, delegate tasks to subcontractors, and supervise the progress of repair work.

Conducting inspections with the help of Hustro

In Hustro, we have created a separate inspection module that allows the creation of custom checklist templates, including acceptance protocols. The template prepared in the application, in addition to the elements to be checked, provides the ability to upload additional documentation that will streamline inspections. This could include construction standards, technical specifications, or photos of correctly executed elements.

The simple form allows for efficient conduct of acceptance activities with automatic registration of all defects and their sending to the respective subcontractors. Creating a report, delegating it to the appropriate subcontractors, and generating an acceptance protocol in the Hustro application takes 2 minutes, reducing the time spent on administrative issues related to acceptance by as much as 97%!

Inspection Costs The Traditional Way With Hustro
Number of Units Accepted 100 100
Ilość lokali do poprawy 80 80
Number of Units to be Improved 12 12
Average Number of Discrepancies per Unit 20 1
Time Spent Registering One Discrepancy (in minutes) 240 12
Time Spent Registering Discrepancies in One Unit (in minutes) 320 16
Time Spent Preparing a Report for the Acceptance of One Unit (in minutes) 45 2
Time Spent Preparing a Report for the Acceptance of All Units (in hours) 75 3,3
Time Spent Conducting the Acceptance of All Units (in hours) 395 19,3
Increase in Efficiency 2047%


1 min.

for registering discrepancies

2 min.

for preparing the acceptance report

2047 % 

of increased efficiency


Acceptances are a time-consuming and often stressful process for the construction staff. Supervising work in multiple units simultaneously is a significant challenge, and administrative issues related to it can take up long hours. Introducing an application to the construction site that allows for quick and straightforward completion of acceptance protocols helps shorten and simplify the acceptance process, allowing the staff to focus on subsequent tasks. Simple tools in the hands of specialized personnel yield good results and contribute to building competitiveness in the construction market.


Tomasz Jones


Let’s talk about implementing the application in your company!

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