Fast and easy conduct of inspections

Hustro enables the preparation of acceptance documentation and the conduct of inspections using intuitive digital tools. Thanks to the streamlining of processes and the speed of operation, using Hustro allows for saving 80% of the time spent on inspection administration.

Customized inspection templates

The process of conducting inspections is lengthy and often multi-stage. Whether it is a partial, complete, or tenant acceptance, inspections involve checking the completed elements of a construction project, documenting any discrepancies or deviations from the norm in the form of photos, manually preparing a report, and then assigning corrective tasks to the appropriate personnel for subsequent verification of the work performed. All aspects of this process can be executed using a single solution.

Sharing best practices and technical documentation is a key element for the efficient conduct of inspections. Thanks to Hustro, users can, in any conditions, ensure the correctness of the work done and compliance with applicable standards.

The inspection module of Hustro allows for the creation of project-specific templates for filling in checklists, which are accessible to users on the construction site. Thanks to the mobile application, which operates fully offline, inspections can be conducted using a smartphone.

Attachments can be added to each template, allowing for efficient verification of standards, sharing best practices, and necessary technical documentation. All discrepancies occurring during the inspection are automatically recorded on the corresponding layout and assigned to employees responsible for corrective actions.

Automatically generated reports

The application also allows for rewarding well-performed work through comments. Upon returning to the construction office, a report on the conducted work is automatically generated along with all attachments, eliminating the need for users to add photos manually. Each discrepancy is assigned to the appropriate checklist, making tracking the progress of corrective actions quick and easy.

Convenience and simplicity are paramount, so every new functionality is evaluated with a focus on simplifying users’ work. This is how the module allowing for inspections and acceptances by multiple users simultaneously was created. This enables speeding up control activities by activating all users present during the acceptance process.


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