Quality management on the construction site

Hustro simplifies communication within the team and with subcontractors, thanks to a straightforward tool for recording discrepancies directly on the construction site. With our application, the time spent on task and defect management is reduced by 75%, and corrective actions are taken 47% faster.

Reporting of non-conformities

Verifying the work of subcontractors is one of the most time-consuming tasks for construction personnel. Every aspect of the work must be checked and verified for compliance with building standards. Each inspection and acceptance of completed elements reveal discrepancies and tasks for subcontractors. This process usually takes place in a paper-based form. The engineer notes any discrepancies on paper or a printed layout, compiles photographic documentation, and upon returning to the construction office, creates a manual report of the work done.

Can it be done more efficiently? An alternative to such activities is a system that allows for registering defects using a smartphone, and reports of completed work to be generated automatically, saving construction personnel time on manual creation.

The quality control management module of Hustro was created with challenging conditions in mind, where inspection work is carried out on construction sites. For collecting data on the construction site, i.e., recording discrepancies, a mobile application has been created, enabling the team to register defects and tasks directly on layouts.

Creating a report or task takes a maximum of 30 seconds, and captured photos are automatically added to the reports. The offline version of the application works well in locations with limited internet access, allowing for defect registration even in underground levels.

A key element of the Hustro system is standardization, which helps users take corrective actions at the right time and track their progress at various stages of the work being performed.

Easy customization

The collected data on the construction site is available both through the mobile application and the web browser application in the form of a readable table. This allows filtering based on various data such as coordinator, location, subcontractors, or deadlines.

In addition to filters, each user can customize the table view on their computer and sort reports by information relevant to them, such as delays in ongoing work. After filtering and sorting the reports, a summary is automatically generated in the form of an XLS file, containing all the essential information needed for subcontractors to commence their work.

Thanks to the simplicity of use, administrative tasks related to managing discrepancies are expedited, and the tools offered by the Hustro application allow for convenient monitoring of the progress of corrective actions by subcontractors on the construction site.


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